maandag 11 maart 2013

StocExpo Conference Programme

Day two - Wednesday 20 March 2013

14.45: The ignition hazards of static electricity associated with vacuum tankers in tank cleaning operations
  • Under ATEX, zoned hazardous areas must mitigate all potential ignition sources and static electricity is identified as one of the prime sources of ignition
  • The presentation will provide a brief introduction to the ignition hazards associated with static electricity, how it can occur during operations involving vacuum tankers and what tank farm operators can do to mitigate this ever present “under the radar” risk
Speaker: Mike O’Brien, Product Manager, Newson Gale
Mike O’Brien, Product Manager, Newson Gale
Mike O’Brien is the Product Manager for Newson Gale's market leading range of static grounding and bonding equipment. His primary duties are the market research and specification of new product solutions, bringing new products to market and leading the execution of product marketing programs for Newson Gale’s Earth-Rite®, Bond-Rite® and Cen-Stat™ range of static grounding equipment. He has written numerous published articles on the subject of static electricity and its relevance to the hazardous process industries.